It’s been a while, but we’re back in style


I know it’s been ages. 

Let me just catch you up on my life:

1, I now have a Master’s degree

2, We’re moving to Greenville, South Carolina

3, I’m a 7th grade teacher!


and 4, We’re still poor but madly in love.


Therefore, I’ve decided to give the blogging world another try.  I have a lot more time on my hands these days, what with no more essays or theses to write… or classes to attend or homework to submit, and although school starts in August, I will be more in charge of my life now than I have ever been and look forward to sharing it with the world wide web.

I must confess, however… that I have been so angry at the kitchen lately.  I haven’t wanted to be in there, I haven’t wanted to touch a pot or pan, and I certainly haven’t wanted to cook a meal.   Fortunately, I do believe I am slowly changing my tune and hopefully soon we will be seeing some recipes and scrumptious goodies up here soon.


In the mean time, Princess Luna waves you all farewell.

P.S. – If anyone can recommend a web designer (or if any of you would like to volunteer) to spiffy up the place, I am willing to pay a wee portion of my meager (but actual!) teacher salary.