It’s been a while, but we’re back in style


I know it’s been ages. 

Let me just catch you up on my life:

1, I now have a Master’s degree

2, We’re moving to Greenville, South Carolina

3, I’m a 7th grade teacher!


and 4, We’re still poor but madly in love.


Therefore, I’ve decided to give the blogging world another try.  I have a lot more time on my hands these days, what with no more essays or theses to write… or classes to attend or homework to submit, and although school starts in August, I will be more in charge of my life now than I have ever been and look forward to sharing it with the world wide web.

I must confess, however… that I have been so angry at the kitchen lately.  I haven’t wanted to be in there, I haven’t wanted to touch a pot or pan, and I certainly haven’t wanted to cook a meal.   Fortunately, I do believe I am slowly changing my tune and hopefully soon we will be seeing some recipes and scrumptious goodies up here soon.


In the mean time, Princess Luna waves you all farewell.

P.S. – If anyone can recommend a web designer (or if any of you would like to volunteer) to spiffy up the place, I am willing to pay a wee portion of my meager (but actual!) teacher salary.


January Time

Can you guys believe it’s already the next year? 2011.. wow.. I definitely thought we’d be on flying cars by now, at least!

Alas, Robert and I had to go back to the real world this week.  No more lounging in our PJs listening to sweet records on my awesome Christmas gift.

I should probably name her as I did Eloise, but I honestly hadn’t thought about it until just now.  Any suggestions?

Anyway, back to the real world we went… aaaand on my way home, I got pulled over 😦  Seriously, I was five minutes from the house, and after a good hour and twenty-five minutes of going 90+ the whole way, I get pulled over.  Fortunately, the officer was extremely nice, brought my numbers down so that I wouldn’t get in deep doo with the law, and sent me on my unmerry way.

Robert also had a bad time on his way home.  He had stopped at Walgreen’s to pick up his medicine and somehow, all evidence of any prescription had vanished into thin air.  Forty minutes later, still no prescription, Robert and I made it home at about the same time, starving, and decided to put off cooking for another night and enjoy sandwiches and quality time at Schroeder’s. Right tasty, fast, and the best part: no dishes to wash!

When we got home it was serious discussion time.

Now, to update everyone…

As you know, I have been working full-time at a wonderful little ad agency in Chattanooga and have been driving back and forth (and hour and a half) to and from home.  As nice as it is in the mornings to have a long drive with a good audio book as my company, the afternoons are just dreadful.  I am already exhausted from a full day of work (and now, marathon training) and all I want to do is be at home at five o’clock. Anyone agree?

We all know that the job market is in the crapper.  I am extremely fortunate to have found a job that pays me well and that has such an encouraging environment for a recent-grad.  Everyone is super friendly and those that have been there a while want nothing more than to be good mentors to those of us who don’t know the first thing about marketing are learning. On the other hand, it’s not been as easy for Robert to find something part-time or school-schedule-conducive in or near Chattanooga.  Granted, he’s only been looking for a few weeks, but, we humans are of little faith and little patience, n’est pas?

So, we ask for your prayers in addition to our own.  We would really like to settle down (for now) in Chattanooga, until we are both through with school, and to be rid of this nonsensical commute.  Y’all, it is not easy nor fun waking up at 4:45 to work out, shower, and get ready for work all before 6:30 — to then drive an hour and a half.  By the time I get there, I’m sleepy all over again!

If it’s not in God’s will for us to move there… then pray for a heaping helpin’ of patience and strength for me and my drive!