To Wax or Not to Wax

Let’s face it… a huge part of being a lady is the constant desire to have fabulous eyebrows.

Being a Hispanic woman with entirely too much Lebanese blood gives me a WHOLE LOT of eyebrows to work with.

Granted, that’s a much better problem to have than too few eyebrows.  Sorry to all you ladies who wish for the universe to grant you extra eyebrows so that you wouldn’t have to draw them on.


The opposite problem is having my furry caterpillars that I have not yet learned how to tame on my own.  In fact, there have only been three individuals on planet Earth who have developed this masterful skill: one in Georgia where I grew up, one in Dominican Republic where the queens of cosmetology abide, and one (thankfully) here in South Carolina.  Alas, my dear Anne is twenty-five minutes from my house and I won’t lie… teacher salaries + MY student loans don’t really equal constant eyebrow maintenance. Therefore…


I picked this up at Publix while grocery shopping today in hopes of learning the art of eyebrow waxing.

Verdict: This stuff blows.  I could probably get more hair off my face/legs/elsewheres with used chunks of Elmer’s glue.  While I appreciate that it is a sugar wax that is easy to remove and comes with the useful strips and precision stick, this poor excuse for wax might be better used as lip shine or even as glue for your construction paper arts and crafts. Sigh.

Do any of you tame your own eyebrows? If so, how? Tweezing takes me FOREVZ, but it has been the only way for me to keep them “cleaned up” in order to extend my time between visits to my beloved Anne.