Reflective Teaching Challenge: 30 Days of Blogging

Day 2: Technology!

Our school has some Chromebooks on back order for the students and teachers, said to be coming in November.  I’ve always been a Mac girl and spent much of last year learning new apps for educational purposes; however, this year, I’m excited to learn how to use Chromebooks and all of the Google tools associated, especially the collaborative pieces like Google classroom and Google docs.  Having enough self-confidence as far as management goes really helps me to give the students more freedom to collaborate on the laptops and Chromebooks; to peer edit or discuss ideas and elements, all of which can be formatively assessed because they are being documented.

I can’t wait to have these babies in our classroom!


Reflective Teaching Challenge – 30 Days of Blogging

I really want to attempt this 30 days of reflective blogging about teaching, however, I fear that my responses may not be the best because we are already four weeks into the school year! Regardless, I shall try my best and see what this will do for my writing and teaching.

Day 1 

Goals for the year:

As much as I hate to include standardized tests and EOCTs in a set of goals, I really would like to see a significant increase in these scores this year.  No, not all students that are naturally bright or have accomplished academic goals throughout the year will demonstrate their knowledge through a test score, however, part of my job is to prepare them to be better test-takers and that is evident in those scores.  A huge part of test-taking is being able to closely read a test question, and also having a large enough vocabulary index to understand these questions and answer options.

Along those lines, I want to see my students really use new terminology this year.  I want to see them get excited about expanding their vocabularies and using sophisticated terms in discussion and in their writing.

On a personal level, I want to be more thorough in my formative assessment, data collection, and re-teaching cycle.  I feel as though last year, I was too caught in my in exhaustion to analyze my students and to make the effort to re-teach when I saw poor grades or test scores, but this year, I really want to take the time to help even the lowest child master something.  Who knows, mastering even one thing might help him or her feel confident enough to make better connections and educated guesses.

There are many more, but they don’t need much elaboration:

-Affirm and award my students individually more this year
-Update my grades more regularly
-Conference more often with individual students
-Avoid attempts to “re-invent the wheel”… I’m not the first teacher, ever, nor should I work like I am
-Be more vigilant about discipline and follow through more consistently with behavior problems
-Keep work life and home life separate.  No need for the kids to be neglected because something’s going on at home and no need for my hubby to deal with classroom drama!

Here’s to a great year!

Three and a Half Weeks

I’ve been out of school/work for three and a half weeks now and, although I still have tons of packing to do, I am finally starting to get a little bored.  Have I done any planning, you ask? Have I accomplished much or even left the house, for that matter? Negative, ghost rider. 

As a first-year teacher experiencing her first summer of freedom since undergrad years, I am still basking in the loveliness that is a work-free and student-free summer.  Not even the education section of Pinterest has appealed to me yet…. yet. 

Oh, and packing, you ask? Well, I’ve tried to keep it a secret, but we’re trying to buy a house.  Trying, in that, we are currently in escrow and have had to delay closing due to construction.  Construction – yes! Lucky us, we Raders found an under-construction home in a sweet little established neighborhood downtown, a four-minute walk to the zoo.  Many a year ago, the former owners of the house next door had originally planned on building over the two lots, but when the city said nay, the lot proceeded to sit empty for the next umpteen years. The builder has been lazy as hell, to put it kindly, and thus, we are still waiting to close and move.  I’ve slowly been packing up our rental bungalow, but being in limbo makes that quite difficult.  Not to mention, the constant trips to stalk the progress of the house and our tiny menagerie of puppy and kitties.  

Our first house though… right!? I have been nervous and ecstatic for a few months and those emotions are starting to get exhausting.  Can I just relax and DIY my pretty little house already? 

It’s yellow, by the way.  With TWO toilets.  TWO.  We won’t even discuss the anticipation my oft-blocked bladder feels at the thought of never having to wait on a single bathroom again. 

And granite countertops, and stainless steel appliances… all of those things that House Hunters and the Property Brothers mention, that, to be quite honest, have very little meaning to me.  I just want it to be mine.  And for it to be pretty.  

Well, I’ve gone on long enough and I have big plans to take a long shower, exfoliate, and give myself a pedicure.  Will someone please remind me of this luxury come November when I want to tranquilize myself and my students with an elephant-sized dose of something? Or perhaps also in August when I realize that, oh crud, I haven’t done any planning and this month shall be a perpetual Sunday night? 


Man oh man

What a year.  I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve been able to sit and write openly.  Little did I know that all the rants and raves about teachers being underpaid for their 70+ hours a week of work were so justified.

But you know what?

I loved it.

Even if my kids were the baddest, bitchiest, most thug-a-licious of them all, we all cried in a big huddle together on the last day of school and I can honestly admit that I’m not entirely sure who learned more this year — them or me.

Aaaand, though it might take me about two weeks to recover fully and calm my body down from the 180 days of stress, I can’t wait to tackle some planning for next year (evaluation year, at that).

It was a wild ride.  I’ve never been meant to do something MORE.

Can’t wait to do it all over again next year.  And the next.  And the next.


I always get really beyond excited about the new year.  It’s probably cliche to acknowledge that it’s a “clean slate” and everything feels fresh and new, but that is the beauty.  Robert and I are going in to this year with full-time jobs, friends, a lovely little rental home, and a city that makes us feel warm and adventurous.  

We made a lot of transitions last year; our lives changed drastically nearly every three months.  This year I’m looking forward to a steady rising action and strong mind, spirit, and body.  

I’m not waiting to see what 2014 has in store for me… I’m excited to take 2014 and DO something with it. 


One of the great loves of my life is John Keats, though I’ve been terribly negligent for some time now.  Some poets create mainstream verses, but my Adonais always reminds me that words are the most gentle of touches, most soothing of whispers, and most enticing of experiences.

A thing of beauty is a joy forever: 
Its loveliness increases; it will never
Pass into nothingness; but still will keep
A bower quiet for us, and a sleep
Full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing.
Therefore, on every morrow, we are wreathing
A flowery band to bind us to the earth..

The first few lines of Endymion pair mortality and the ethereal beauty of nature that only Keats could see and feel.

And his letters:

I kiss’d your writing over in the hope you had indulg’d me by leaving a trace of honey

So much attention to those tiny details that we often overlook or deem insignificant.  The perfect words woven into elegant imagery.

In times like these, that Bright Star always knows what to say.

O blush not so! O blush not so!
Or I shall think you knowing;

And if you smile, the blushing while, 
   Then maidenheads are going. 

There’s a blush for won’t, and a blush for shan’t, 
   And a blush for having done it; 
There’s a blush for thought, and a blush for nought, 
   And a blush for just begun it. 

O sigh not so! O sigh not so!
   For it sounds of Eve’s sweet pippin; 
By those loosen’d hips, you have tasted the pips, 
And fought in an amorous nipping. 

Will you play once more, at nice cut-core, 
   For it only will last our youth out; 
And we have the prime of the kissing time, 
   We have not one sweet tooth out. 

There’s a sigh for yes, and a sigh for no, 
   And a sigh for I can’t bear it!
O what can be done? Shall we stay or run? 
   O cut the sweet apple and share it! 


What can I say? I’m a capital “R” Romantic.  I will always feel, see, and think like they did, and cause trouble for myself behaving as they did.