I know I’m a few days behind on my reflective teaching quest, but I have postponed it for the sake of reflective LIVING! After an exhilarating therapy session this week, I’ve realized that I am neglecting everything else in my life because I am so set on being the best teacher in the universe.  So, for tonight, I am Nikki.  Not Mrs. Rader.

Robert and I are about twenty years late to the Forks and Knives phenom; a few nights ago, we watched the documentary and, though we don’t ever intend to fully remove meat from our diets, we are committing to adding much more plant-based foods and meals.  By that, I mean, not every meal will have to be meat-centered and we don’t even have to attempt to eat meat every single day.  I do, however, have a b-12 deficiency to keep in mind so I will be extra careful to listen to my body.


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