Reflective Teaching Challenge: 30 Days of Blogging

Day 2: Technology!

Our school has some Chromebooks on back order for the students and teachers, said to be coming in November.  I’ve always been a Mac girl and spent much of last year learning new apps for educational purposes; however, this year, I’m excited to learn how to use Chromebooks and all of the Google tools associated, especially the collaborative pieces like Google classroom and Google docs.  Having enough self-confidence as far as management goes really helps me to give the students more freedom to collaborate on the laptops and Chromebooks; to peer edit or discuss ideas and elements, all of which can be formatively assessed because they are being documented.

I can’t wait to have these babies in our classroom!


One thought on “Reflective Teaching Challenge: 30 Days of Blogging

  1. Woo! Chromebooks! (Well, more specifically, “Woo! Anything Google!”) 🙂

    Make sure you turn on “offline access.” That way, if your school’s Internet goes down (like my school’s Internet did today – the modem bit the dust), your lesson plan’s not shot.

    We’re a multi-platform school, and I’ve always wanted to try out Chromebooks. I’m going to follow your blog to see how you like them!

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