Reflective Teaching Challenge – 30 Days of Blogging

I really want to attempt this 30 days of reflective blogging about teaching, however, I fear that my responses may not be the best because we are already four weeks into the school year! Regardless, I shall try my best and see what this will do for my writing and teaching.

Day 1 

Goals for the year:

As much as I hate to include standardized tests and EOCTs in a set of goals, I really would like to see a significant increase in these scores this year.  No, not all students that are naturally bright or have accomplished academic goals throughout the year will demonstrate their knowledge through a test score, however, part of my job is to prepare them to be better test-takers and that is evident in those scores.  A huge part of test-taking is being able to closely read a test question, and also having a large enough vocabulary index to understand these questions and answer options.

Along those lines, I want to see my students really use new terminology this year.  I want to see them get excited about expanding their vocabularies and using sophisticated terms in discussion and in their writing.

On a personal level, I want to be more thorough in my formative assessment, data collection, and re-teaching cycle.  I feel as though last year, I was too caught in my in exhaustion to analyze my students and to make the effort to re-teach when I saw poor grades or test scores, but this year, I really want to take the time to help even the lowest child master something.  Who knows, mastering even one thing might help him or her feel confident enough to make better connections and educated guesses.

There are many more, but they don’t need much elaboration:

-Affirm and award my students individually more this year
-Update my grades more regularly
-Conference more often with individual students
-Avoid attempts to “re-invent the wheel”… I’m not the first teacher, ever, nor should I work like I am
-Be more vigilant about discipline and follow through more consistently with behavior problems
-Keep work life and home life separate.  No need for the kids to be neglected because something’s going on at home and no need for my hubby to deal with classroom drama!

Here’s to a great year!


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