Back to School

I’ll start off by confessing how much I’ve secretly cried over the last two days.  Not bad/sad tears, but tears of utter amazement and awe that I am exactly where I’m supposed to be and with a group of incredible humans.  It definitely made me feel better today when one of the assistant principals started to cry while welcoming all the new teachers… at a new teacher breakfast where they fed us homemade pastries and breakfast casserole! 


(not my image)

It was quite tasty.  I kinda need the recipe now… so I can make it and eat an embarrassingly large amount.


I also got some serious edu-nerd loot.  Tons of informational texts (great for new teachers, I can’t wait to fill my brain) and a basket FULL OF SCHOOL SUPPLIEZZ! MY FAVES!


I mean, there was a packet of like sixteen dry-erase markers in every color you can imagine.  It was glorious.  I’m pretty sure it included mauve.


My classroom has been scrubbed and polished (no, Jessica, I did not get angry and flip them over hulk-like ;),  so tomorrow I’m going to drag my muscular husband down there with me to haul the boxes of YA novels that I’ve accumulated over the years.

Should I be ashamed that I have that many copies of The Watsons Go to Birmingham? NO. Never.

PS – Check out my sweet Promethean board, what what

I also met my incredibly sweet and spunky mentor today,  who has already offered to give me a million things for my room and tons of advice.  I know I’m a total creeper, but I wanted to hug and kiss her and ask her to be my BFF.  Or LYLAS.  Remember that? Too bad I don’t think that can be used as a noun.

So, despite the stress of the move and the fact that we are still trying to unpack and find a place for the millions of things we own (I swear we’re not hoarders), we are really enjoying our tiny bungalow, our new city, and each other.


Especially this guy right here.  Can you tell how excited he is to be here!?

I hope as your week is winding down that you look at your busy lives as a gift.  Let that gift swell your hearts, but relax enough to look grace in the eye and say THANK YOU!




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