Pinterest & Netflix

Life has been a crazy whirlwind of boxes lately.  I’ve stopped counting how many trips to the store I’ve made to get boxes, but hopefully this will make the loading and unloading process much smoother.

Other than that, Robert and I have gotten totally hooked on the show Fringe.


We are ob-sessed.  We love getting hooked on TV shows that we find on Netflix and we hadn’t done it in a long long time, so we decided to give Fringe a shot — and it’s freakin’ awesome.  We were addicted to Lost when it was on the air, so the fact that J.J. Abrams was heading it up piqued our interest… needless to say, we’ve made it to season two in a little over a week.


I’m so ready to move. So. ready.  Not just because I’m tired of the towers of boxes and baskets everywhere, but I feel like a whole new life is waiting for us over there.  Life here isn’t bad, but I am so ready to have something of a routine.  I’m also SO PUMPED to meet my students and to get my room all set up.  I’m sure all first-year teachers get super geeked about setting up their classrooms and planning out their years, but I will not let that dampen my excitement.

I’ve also been obsessively searching Pinterest to find the right color to paint our new living room.  Our landlady is great and said we could paint; most of the house has great colors, but the living room is a pale gold that’s not really my thang.  I’ve seen a few pale mints and greenish grays that I love:




So we’ll see.

What I’m most excited about? The crap-ton of pallets I inherited from my landlady so that I can do AAAALL the pallet projects.



That’s all from me.  I’m going to go rest my tired little head on my pillow and watch some more Fringe with the beard and the kitties. ‘Til next time!




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