Friday Favorites

Ahhh, Friday at last.  I mean, I’m assuming that’s what you guys are thinking.  It’s summer so I have absolutely no idea what day of the week it is.

But for those of you that are winding down your week by coming home to a squishy couch, a warm cup of tea, and some light blog reading, here are some of the best things I’ve encountered across the interwebs this week:



– This lovely letter to first year teachers.  It’s like the virtual hug or pat on the back I’ve been needing since it’s less than a MONTH until my very first year of teaching begins!

– A slap on the wrist (or across the face, really) to all of us very blessed and comfortable women who post onto social media sites regularly.  Our dirty laundry is not for Facebook, y’all.

– The most amazing study on the Women of the Bible.  I love taking a little time in the morning to be by myself and to read up on what these excellent ladies have to say about scripture.  This is a wonderful community and it feels like a breath of fresh air to know that there are other women just as flawed as I am who are seeking the Truth.

– I’ve been re-visiting Jenna’s blog for this victoria sponge cake recipe… I made it once and I have been longing for it lately, especially with all the berries in season.

– And I’ve been kind of addicted to garlands lately.  I want them all over our new place and all over my classroom… but I mostly want someone to make them for me.


Anything you guys just fell in love with this week? What are your weekend plans? Mine might very well include a trip to the store for the ingredients to that cake… 🙂



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