Junk Food Confessions

Y’all know I love you when I’m willing to confess my deepest and darkest secrets… and by that I mean my junk food loves.  Five years ago, as a carefree (and severely obese) undergrad, I noshed on some stuff that I don’t really even think should have been appropriately labeled food.

Let’s see, freshman me looooved:

Taco Bell
Totino’s Pizza
Stouffer’s anything
Circus peanuts (remember those!?)
Carbonated sugar water cokes And pretty much anything that disguised itself as a cheeseburger

Granted, I would kill for a classic Coca Cola to be considered “health food” even now so I could gulp it down all day long.


That should be considered pornographic. With all its lusty dew drip–

Anyhow, as a “grown-up” I’ve started to recognize how little these things have to offer as far as taste (we’ve always known they have nothing to offer health-wise), but how big nostalgia’s role plays in my desire for these foods.  My family ate Hamburger Helper out the wazoo growing up because it was affordable and fast, so regardless of the fact that the sauce is literally powdered chemicals and a few spices, my eyes always tend to linger on the boxes as I make my way down the grocery aisle.


Mmm, taste the desperation of working moms everywhere.

I still have a shameful love of circus peanuts, but I limit that to like, once a year, and after about four I feel like barfing from the sugar content.


I can’t help it.

Do you feel like you have to take a Lipitor after reading this post? Cause I do.


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