The Internet is a Funny Place

I know that about half the planet is sick of seeing the same memes, gifs, and e-cards over and over, but you can’t deny that some of them are just thigh-slapping hilarious.  Some are inappropriate or gross and others have such poor spelling and grammar that I can’t find the humor, but some just relate so well to our own quirks, insecurities, and observations that you can’t help but crack up.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Image(Let’s face it.. We all know those people.  What did we all say in the 90s? Save the drama for yo mama! Or, at least start a blog…)


(Admittedly, everyone’s marathon pictures and status updates make me feel like a schmo sometimes, but this proves that there are bigger schmos than me out there)


(Again, way bigger schmos, bahaaa)

And this one that I found yesterday… maybe only a Southerner could appreciate it, but seriously:



So funny.  Sometimes, Robert and I spend the evening in bed looking through the Pinterest humor section just to get a good laugh.  There are some gems out there, y’all.

Are you sick of e-cards? What are you laughing at on the interwebs? I’m kind of over the trollface, but I will never get tired of cats.


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