Friends, Food, but no Fireworks

We Raders are not really much for celebrating Independence Day, mostly because either one or both of us is usually working, but this year we were invited over to a friend’s house for a cookout.  Cookouts=yum because grills make everything=yum.  I really hope where ever we end up living next allows grills because man, I will be grilling everything.  Soup, even!


We were in charge of bringing burgers, so like the lazy schmoes we are, we skipped over to Fresh Market and bought some of their pre-made burgers.  Now, it’s not really because we’re lazy, but because they’re pretty much incredible and FM tends to have amazing specials/sales on their meat.  I got a few that were stuffed with cheese, bacon, and other goodies, but also a few standard ones.


It’s not a 4th of July feast without patriotic fruits, amIright?

Shamefully, I paid much more attention to the Paula Deen crockpot mac and cheese (just.  let’s not even talk about it.) than the fruits and vegetables.


Aaaand to the chocolate bundt cake with cream cheese frosting that our friend Leslie made. Y’all, I even picked the blueberries off! Not because I dislike blueberries, but they were interrupting my chocolate and sugar flow. I mean — cream. cheese. frosting.  I can ignore buttercream and cool whip all day long, but not cream cheese frosting.


We also got to snuggle and get sweet kisses all evening from baby Adilyn!


“Why am I so high up in the air, fools? Put me down! Give me bundt cake!”

It rained most of the day/evening so most of the fireworks events around town were cancelled (except, of course, the redneck backyard extravaganzas), but I didn’t mind.  I feel like fireworks shows always have too few actual fireworks for me to actually invest time and excitement into them.  They should be more like the Mulan fireworks!


As for today, I spent most of it in bed.  I woke up feeling yucky and sinus-y (again!) and I came home, took some Alleve, and fell fast asleep for about two hours.  Since then, I have watched about forty-two episodes of Ghost Hunters and the new Scooby Doo show combined, both of which are complete and utter guilty pleasures, and have also probably lost all of my Pinterest followers due to excess pinning.


This little munchkin has been by my side all day..  “Mom, I’m here, don’t worry.”

Except this picture’s more like “What the eff is that device you’re pointing at me and why’s it making that sound!?”  Whatev, Luna, you’re a diva and you know it.

What did you guys do to celebrate Independence Day? Did you make sure to spell “fourth” correctly in all of your mass texts? Did you abstain from shameless day drinking? We forgive you if you didn’t.


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