It’s a stormy little Tuesday morning here in our corner of the world… something that has come to be a constant in these parts! In the past few months, if it wasn’t a tornado passing through, it was a rough storm striking down trees and power lines and leaving us flooded.  I can’t complain, I LOVE storms. I love leaving the balcony door in our bedroom open to feel the breeze and smell the rain, while curling up on the bed with a good book. I am thankful, though, that our power lines seem to hold up against anything.  We’ve only lost power once and it was only for a few hours, thank God!

I wanted to update everyone on the status of the Raders, since I have fallen off the blogosphere!

We’ve been taking advantage of any sunlight that comes out by toasting ourselves by the pool… or well, I’ve been toasting, the red-headed hubs has been slathering on the sunscreen to the point of no return.

We’ve been eating fruit and bread from the amazing Chattanooga Market.

Hubs finished up the spring semester and made all As… yet again 🙂

We’ve been eating our weight in delicious barbecue…(if you haven’t eaten at Sugar’s, go, NOW!)

But I, in particular, have some big news…(NO, dear God, I’m not pregnant… not drinking that water)

I’m going to grad school in the fall!

I will be attending the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga to get my Masters in Secondary English Education and I am pumped, but nervous as all get out.  I’ll be making my rounds as a substitute teacher in Tennessee and Georgia for now, and then eventually hope to land a transitional position in one of the schools until I complete the program.

There are a lot of bridges we have to cross to make sure we are ready for the beginning of the semester, but we are praying and keeping positive that all will go well.  Obviously, we’re not in charge, and whatever God decides to throw at us, we’re ready to accept!


One thought on “Ch-ch-ch-changes

  1. So happy for you. Thursday is my last day and I am not far behind you on the grad school thing. See you on campus, sista ❤

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