Impromptu Menu

Sup y’aaall.

I struggled so much this week trying to figure out what to make for next week…

So I took the plunge and went to the store without a list.

Not only that, but I went with half a falafel in my stomach– and nothin’ else!

Needless to say, I went over budget… just by $15, though.  I did shamelessly buy a box of cookies for myself and a surprise for Robert… I also ended up with an unnecessary package of chicken breasts.  So, the next visit to the grocery store will definitely be planned and well under budget.

However, my hungry belly and the rows of food-laden shelves did help inspire some meals:

Monday: Turkey & Quinoa Meatloaf + Mushroom Rice + Green beans

I have about half a box of quinoa left in the pantry leftover that I’ve been aching to use because it’s so rich in nutrients (fiber, complete protein, iron, etc.) and I found this interesting little meatloaf recipe online.  Hope it’s good!

Tuesday: Taco Pizza

Okay, let me be trashy for a minute: do any of y’all remember going to CiCi’s Pizza as a kid and having the Mexican pizza? We drooled over that in my family.  Salsa instead of sauce, taco meat, lettuce… all things I love in the form of the one thing I love the most – pizza!

Wednesday: Brat dogs + Sweet potato fries + Broccoli slaw

It’s summer…  and that means hamburgers and HOT DOGS! We’ve been doing burgers since the temps hit 75, but we have completely been neglecting the hot dog.  I’m not a huge fan of the overly processed boiled weenies, but grill me a mean bratwurst with some hot mustard and I’m THERE.

Thursday: Baked Tofu + Brown rice + Grilled summer vegetables

Obviously, Thursday night is single gal’s dinner.  Although the hubs will eat tofu, I know that I can happily make a whole meal around it without needing man meat.

Errr… you know what I mean.

Friday: Farfalle Bake 

I’m totally enjoying the fact that I now love squash and zucchini.  I also am loving the fact that I can throw them in with some of my favorite whole wheat pasta and marinara sauce and that it not only adds that awesome Italian flavor, but it remains just as healthy!

Saturday: Carnitas Tacos

I can’t tell y’all how excited I am about these! Part of the reason I went over budget was because I bought a huge 4-pound pork shoulder to make carnitas tacos.  We have a ton of leftover corn tortillas from this past week’s fish tacos and there’s nothing like tender, juicy shredded pork with onions and aromatic cilantro (and a marg or two) to celebrate a Saturday night with your hot and sexay hubs. The best part: it cooks in the crockpot!

Sunday: Leftovers

Self-explanatory! We will have a ton of leftovers this week, not to mention we have a vat of zucchini and sausage pasta frozen in the freezer.  On top of that, Sunday lunch is our designated meal out and more than likely there will be even more leftovers from that.

Voila! The hungry hippo strikes again.  These are all relatively indulgent meals (read: no baked fish and steamed broccoli, baha), but all still relatively figure-friendly — and you can keep it clean and natural if you look around your local farmer’s markets this weekend for tomatoes, zucchini, squash, cilantro… and any other local delicacies!

Have a great weekend, guys 🙂


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