Weekly Menu & Grocery List


I am so excited to share this week’s menu and grocery list because one, I stayed completely within budget, and two, the wee Rader household is in for some good eats this week.

Just to recap, the mister and I try to stay within a $55-60 budget every week at the store.  We go every week because we buy so much fresh produce to use, and as you know, that kinda stuff doesn’t keep for very long. We do buy the majority of our frozen vegetables, canned goods, and boxed pastas at Wal-mart; let’s face it – as long as you’re reading the ingredients list and not loading up on pre-prepared meals (which are high in calories, fat, and sodium), it doesn’t matter where these particular items come from. However, for fresh and nice-looking produce, I make a special trip to Earth Fare.

This week’s menu:

M: Grilled chicken, red pepper, and goat cheese paninis + sweet potato fries
I will have some leftover grilled chicken from Sunday night’s dinner for this, as well as some chive goat cheese from the farmer’s market last weekend, mmm! Inspired by a sandwich I had a few weeks ago near the mall.

T: Tempeh tacos
I have been hoarding a few packages of tempeh for quite some time now and I came across this super easy recipe a while back

W: Personal pizzas
In the wee Rader household, we love pizza.  Of any kind.  At any time of the day.  We would eat them in a boat with a… you get the picture. Most of the time, we just buy a simple pizza crust and have at it, but with the tomatoes springing up, I’m aching more and more for them on my pizza – something my partner in crime is strictly against.  So, this week, I’ll be enjoying my fresh tomatoes and he will (at last) have a manly meaty pizza party.

R: Shrimp & grits:
Seriously, y’all… I’ve been longing for a bowl of shrimp and grits for months, now.  I did a little investigating, gathered a few supplies, and will attempt my own version of this.  If successful, I promise a recipe to follow.

F: Roasted lemon pepper salmon + scallion brown rice + mixed green salad (from the Biggest Loser family cookbook)
We like to have fish at least once a week for the sake of our waistlines and our cholesterol, not to mention Omega-3s, and cooked with a little olive oil for a sweet complexion — you seriously can’t go wrong when eating fish… except maybe the Paula Deen way.

S: Chicken stir-fry
Confession: I have never cooked Chinese food at home before.  I have made a delish version of Coconut Curry Chicken before, but that’s a different part of Asia. Again, I’m going to have a go at this and if we are successful, then everyone gets to celebrate with the recipe!

S: Annie’s Turkey Burgers + baked pickles + mixed greens salad
We normally use this recipe for turkey burgers (which we tweak into a couple variations), but these just looked so good I couldn’t resist. And baked pickles? Yeah, just imagine those deep-fried Zaxby’s pickles but on a lighter scale. Still just as crunchy and delicious.  Stay tuned for that recipe, cause seriously, they’re amazing.

In addition, I got ingredients for homemade hamburger buns and zucchini muffins with cream cheese frosting, mmm.

As for the grocery list:

1 small package of organic chicken tenders: $3.51 (like, 1/2 a pound)
1 lb. ground turkey: $2.82
1 small bag of grits: $1.12
1 package of cream cheese: $1.72
1 red bell pepper: $1.78
1 lb. zucchini: $2.89
1 Jalapeno: $0.09
Frozen stir-fry veggies: $1.83 (almost the same quality, much cheaper than buying individual fresh)
Green onions: $1.18
Confectioners’ sugar: $1.42
Brown rice: $2.00 (I buy boil-in-a-bag… I fail, I know)
Cheddar cheese: $2.08
Mozzarella cheese (part-skim): $2.08
Whole wheat English muffins: $2.50
Chopped walnuts: $1.12
Salmon: $4.94
Shrimp: $5.48
Ciabatta rolls: $2.68
Hormone-free eggs: $1.92

Sweet potatoes*

The last two were purchased by a sweet lady in front of me in line who had extra on her WIC voucher and did not want to waste it.  So glad there are people in need that still know how to pay it forward.

At Walmart, the total was $46.50

At Earth Fare:

Shredded lettuce: $1.50
1 tomato: $2.00
Pizza dough: $1.98
Spinach/mixed greens: $3.50
Larabars: 2 @$1.49 a piece

Total of $12.50

Total in groceries: $59.00 (ish).

Enjoy your weekend! I’m off to bake some zucchini muffins… 🙂


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