I know that I am like, eight years behind on the whole Zumba kick, but let me just say…

Better late than never!

All over Twitter, Facebook, and the blogworld I have been hearing about this crazy thing called Zumba, and mind you, all the while very jealous that I was not a member at the local YMCA (erm, hello? $70 for a couple? we po’).

Fortunately for me, upon moving to our new area, a friend invited me to a locally hosted Zumba class at their church for a $5 trial class.

Without a doubt, the most fun I’ve ever had “exercising”, if you can even call it that.  An hour of salsa-ing, booty-shaking, shimmy-ing… a room full of 20somethings all the way up to 60somethings getting their groove on.

Don’t be a doubting Thomas… it’s not just a bunch of silliness.  I left drenched in sweat, and the next day my biceps and thighs were feeling twinges of soreness. It has honestly kicked my work-out rut to the curb.

If you get the chance, try it!


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