Tuesday the Tease

While Mondays are the swift kick in the rear that awaken you from your peaceful weekend slumber, Tuesdays are shady little manipulators.

Why? You might ask.. well, think about it.

Once you get over the fact that yes, the work week has appeared once again, Tuesday is supposed to be there to reassure you that yes, you are progressing and soon it will be Friday afternoon again.


Progress my butt, we’ve only advanced one day.

But honestly, it takes me all the way to Tuesday to realize that my weekend’s over.  On Monday, I’m walking through life all zombie-like and then around 8pm I realize that the week has begun… then on Tuesday, I come to work only to realize that I should have been more awake on Monday. Oops?

Co-workers, pretend like you didn’t read that.

Just to update you guys on life (since photobucket is “under maintenance, pff):

I have been accepted to the UTC post-bac education program and will be starting (hopefully) classes towards my teaching license next month.  Woo! To explain:

I could have technically pursued a teaching license while taking classes towards my Masters in Teaching, but honestly, I want as little to do with education classes as possible (no offense).  As many of you might know, I would ultimately like to teach university-level literature, but from what I’ve gathered, that requires a Masters in English (not in education), which I prefer to pursue anyway.

I promise if you skip this part of the post, it won’t hurt my feelings.

Anyhow… while, yes, I could work an unrelated job and take classes towards my Masters in English, I think there are more short-term and long-term benefits to acquiring a TN teaching license before taking that plunge:

1. I will gain experience in the classroom
2. I will be working in a field I truly love while pursuing said MA in English, and
3. I could very well find that secondary education is the place for me and simply seek the MA for the benefit of my credentials (and salary, let’s not lie)

My next steps are to await my student ID in the mail (checking that mailbox like a fiend!) and get my financial aid in order.

Of course…

That’s the hard part.

So, say a little prayer that THAT ball gets rolling (smoothly).

Robert is enjoying his spring quarter, and our not-so-tiny apartment is finally feeling like home.

We even got a little white patio table for the balcony/deck/porch (whatever it is) and I had my dinner out there last night with book in hand and the pre-storm winds a-blowin’.

Life ain’t easy.. and it won’t get any calmer any time soon, but it’s full of challenges and blessings and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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