Daily Eats

I have lost over 120 pounds… right?

But the age old truth comes knocking at the door when, after all of my hard work, there’s still more to go!

Don’t let anyone tell you about crazy fad diets… or low-carb eats or detox diets…

Nothing works like honest math.

Calories consumed < calories burned = weight loss.

C’est bien?

We can’t forget, however, that those calories don’t enrich our bodies if they come from two Snickers bars and a few cans of Coke. If that is where your calories come from, you will end up with high blood pressure/cholesterol, diabetes, and a ridiculous amount of fatigue which doesn’t allow for EXERCISE!

For those of you in my same situation, I will be posting my daily eats so that everyone knows (and can make me accountable for) what kinds of calories I consume.

I’m not perfect.  I need someone to just tell me to PUT DOWN THE COOKIES on occasion.

It’s always the cookies. Once I pop, I can’t stop.

For breakfast today, I had a bowl of oats with skim milk and a fourth of a cup of Earth Fare’s cranberry vanilla granola (which I got fo’ free! Sign up for their weekly coupons!).. I was so full!

It was glorious… made me warm from the inside out.  Which… at 7:45AM, desperately made me want to go right back to sleep.

For lunch, I brought some leftover Roasted Garlic, Red pepper, and Mushroom Quinoa, yum, with a bit of steamed broccoli (sprinkled with oregano, cumin, and black pepper), and a “smart bagel”, or bagel thin, schmeared with a little bit of spicy hummus. Springtime on a plate!

For my afternoon snack, I brought a banana.  Usually I have a little something more for a snack, but I’m planning on a post-dinner snack of my delicious real-fruit coconut ice cream bar that’s in the fridge… mmmm…

Since it’s just me all by my lonesome tonight for dinner (the beard is working late tonight), I’m making myself a portobello cap burger with provolone cheese and a spinach and balsamic vinegar salad on the side.

I will probably add a few sprinkles of goat cheese to my spinach salad to meet my calorie and protein requirements.

I will address a few things:

My protein intake for today is far too low for my liking.

The oats at breakfast could have been improved with a little Greek yogurt, egg whites, or cottage cheese.

For a veggie-friendly lunch, I did pretty well integrating some hummus, broccoli, and quinoa – all good vegetarian (not that I am one) sources of protein.

Aaand, a little more fruit would have been nice.  I blame it on the coconut bar.



I’m sort of glad this happened because it is a lesson in disguise to all of us…

A dear co-worker of ours returned today after having been ill for a few months and his team decided to buy, of all things, a giant cookie cake! Yum… right? Cookie cake… mmm… no one can turn down cookie cake, right?

I certainly couldn’t.

I took a little side square (less frosting, not a fan of the stuff) and ate it happily in lieu of my afternoon banana and my planned coconut bar.


The lesson here, kids, is..

It’s okay to have a cookie once in a while.

Account yourself for it… don’t just pretend you didn’t eat it.

Occasionally, you’ll notice I sacrifice my afternoon snack for a glass of wine before bedtime.

If you want something, give in every once in a while.  Don’t down three or four glasses of red wine slices of cookie cake, but don’t deprive yourself. You know what happens when you deprive yourself? You become obsessed with the idea of something and end up binge-eating (or drinking.. or doing..) that very thing.

Is it okay that I had a square of cookie cake? Yes.

Would it be okay for me to go back for seconds and thirds just because it’s sitting in the next room? No.

… Did I think about it? Yes.

Daily total:

*Note: My caloric intake may seem low, but remember, I am a post-bariatric surgery patient.  I take a million daily and monthly supplements and am in NO way malnutritioned or starved.



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