Ready for Spring!

Around these parts, the weather has been less than desirable lately.

In fact, it’s been plain poopy.  Cold and rainy.  Cold and snowy.  Cold and icy. I’ve had about enough!

Fortunately, this weekend it was LOVELY!  In the 60s, sunshine… just gravy.

We had a scrumptious breakfast and iced coffee and my sweet husband accompanied me to an information session at UTC about getting certified to each English. For those of you that don’t know, I have a degree in English and the long-term goal is to complete a doctoral program and teach university-level students.  Ahh, my dream. A dream that will (hopefully) soon be realized. More details on that later!

Anyway, we chomped down our breakfast and made our way to the university.

It was such a nice day!

Look at that sun shining on the outside of our new apartment building.  Second floor! That’s us!

If you look hard enough, you can see the tip top of the gnome on our balcony’s red hat.  Uh-huh.  You have no idea what who I married.

Through the mess of our apartment (cut us some slack, we just moved!), the thing from outer space mister managed to hook up his frankencomputer to our rather large LED TV and proceeded to play World of Warcraft while I made lunch.

He’s really cute, at least, right?


Maybe one day soon we’ll actually be able to walk through the living room…

Of course, the kitchen is composed.  Check out Eloise! She’s got her own corner.

Oh wait.  What’s that, you ask? A dishwasher?

And a bathroom that more than one person can stand in at a time?

We’re moving on up, y’all.

We even splurged on a packet of Aldi-brand fig “bars”.  Which we promptly inhaled in about two days. The whole package.

But we aren’t too glamorous to heat up Mama Pea’s sloppy Josephines for lunch, no sir.

And microwaved pretzels for a snack.

Ain’t no shame.


4 thoughts on “Ready for Spring!

  1. So can I tell you that it took about 10 minutes after we moved all the stuff into our house and everyone who helped us left for dear husband to start playing CoD online. I let this slide ’cause this is the first time we’ve had high speed internet in forever, but we lost a full day of unpacking to video games. Haha

    • That’s how mine is! In fact, last night after dinner, he had already made plans to play WoW… granted, he takes it in moderation. Good luck with the moving! A month later and we are still unpacking boxes, oy.

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