Tribute to Mexican Food Pt. 2: Taco Roc

Mister Rader and I have been exploring our new surroundings and as you know, we love all kinds of Mexican food, particularly those hole-in-the-wall authentic joints.

Enter: Taco Roc

Last week, I had a horrible, terrible, no-good, very bad day and by five o’clock, I had no desire to go home and be domestic.  I wanted something fun to drink and food brought to me by a waitress/waiter, prepared by not-me, and dishes removed and washed by not-me.

After Yelping and Urban Spooning, we discovered a tiny authentic Mexican restaurant on the east side of town called Taco Roc.

It was like 7:30 at night and we decided to risk it all on a restaurant in a shopping center like this:

Next to a Mexican western-wear shop.  Yeaaahhh baby.

I ordered three tacos, knowing good and well that I would have leftovers, and a side of guac (for $1!! Fresh guac for a dollar, y’all!).

One pork taco, one chorizo, and one shrimp.

Now, I am a corn tortilla girl all the way, but they messed up my order and gave me flour 😦

But my wonderful husband traded me since they got his order right and gave him corn tortillas.  So I ate one shrimp with a flour tortilla, and one steak (hubby’s choice) with a corn tortilla.  Smothered in guac.  So delicious.

They also had “flavored waters”, which I am led to believe is simply half juice and half water of whichever options they happen to have at the time.  That night they had pineapple and guava (!!!) and of course, I chose my favorite:

I may be white on the inside, but I am right down Dominican when it comes to guava.  Nom nom nom!

Robert drank iced tea, and so, for that, a specialty drink, six tacos, guac and chips we paid about $21.  Robert’s tacos were also “speciality” tacos because they came with sauteed peppers and onions.

You order up front when you walk in, find a seat and make sure your number they give you is visible, and a waiter or waitress brings you your order and anything else you might need (a crane, perhaps?). Dinky in terms of decor, but very clean.  What more could you ask for from a hole-in-the-wall?

Yeah, we pretty much won.

And I feel more comfortable now in my new home knowing that there’s quality Mexican food nearby.

Taco Roc on Urbanspoon


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