Can we just talk about for one second about how cute we are? Well, except for the bags under my eyes, but those aren’t going away anytime soon (hello, adulthood).

And how much fun Instagram is?

And how much I love that man of mine?

And how super sunny and wonderful the weather has been this week and weekend?

And how this place was perfect in every way for our Saturday brunch on our belated Valentine’s getaway?

‘Cause it was.  We got a whole carafe of mimosas for $11, I had a goat cheese and smoked salmon crepe with fresh strawberries and raspberries.  Holy yum.  Robert had the del mar omelet, which was stuffed with shrimp and scallops, and the best cheese grits I’ve ever had in my life. In Smyrna, go there.  It’s called Crepe Revolution. This just makes me even more excited to try out Crepe-a-Delic in Chattanooga.

Which we’re moving to.  In like… a week.  And how much stuff have I packed? None.

We also had pork cheek tacos, poached eggs with braised pork cheeks and holy truffles, drunken goat cheese, jamon serrano, and goat cheese croquettes with lavender honey yogurt. UM.

I can’t even talk about it.  I get very emotional about those goat cheese croquettes. Alas, it was far too dark in the Iberian Pig for pictures.  I wouldn’t have had time anyway… I was too busy stuffing my face and washing it all down with pomegranate sangria.

We also spent several hours at IKEA (one of my favorite places in the world) and picked up a few knick-knacks, like this darling little alarm clock, a glass bottle perfect for taking a home-version of the pomegranate sangria on a Sunday afternoon picnic, a box of graham crackers (which may or may not have been consumed in less than two days), and a few more odds and ends.

We were scoping out some desks, but we want to be sure of our space and measurements before we haul anything home.

We also took a trip down to my favorite of all places, Trader Joe’s, and picked up some groceries for the week.

We tried to spend our Macy’s and Best Buy gift cards, but nothing was speaking to us… well, except that Breville Juicer at Best Buy, but we’ve still got about $50 to save up for that baby.

We stopped in at Arden’s Garden for fresh squeezed juices (I bought a few green monsters to keep for the week!) and I chowed down on a vegan peanut butter cookie, mmm.

Unfortunately, our adventure had to come to an end and we went out with a comforting bang at the Cracker Barrel (on Aunt Jo & Uncle Gary, thanks for our gift card!)… 🙂

Quite the adventure! I am so thankful to have such a wonderful life full of blessings and the opportunity to enjoy such delightful little trips with my mister.  It is okay to go all out and spend the weekend away from home (no cleaning, no chores!) to indulge in yummy foods and shopping trips every once in a while.

So as the sun sets on your home tonight, remember: love yourself, love each other, and be thankful!


Wanna come help me pack? Anyone…? Bueller?


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