Bye, Bye, Rome!

While I normally don’t blog very serious stuff, I wanted to share with everyone our little news (and no, we’re not pregnant!).

We’re moving!

I know, exciting, right?

You may or may not know that the Monday literally after graduation I started my job here (because God is amazing) at a marketing agency in Chattanooga.  I thought, hey, for a full-time job straight out of college, I will drive where ever and for however long.  Needless to say, it was a lot rougher than I expected.

The first few weeks were particularly hard… I had no idea, as a post-grad, how to balance my life with work, rest, home, and socializing.  I was so tired from working nine hours and driving three that all I wanted to do at night and on the weekends was curl up in bed. I would clean all day Saturday and drown my sorrows in Wal-Mart crack cookies.

Not good for my waistline.

Robert started looking for a job in Chattanooga as soon as we realized that this situation was far too stressful for the both of us… however, the economy struck again and it was very hard for him to find a job, especially as a part-time employee going to school full-time.

*I had written here a whole bunch of mumbo jumbo about our finances, but decided to remove it because it’s not really anyone’s business but our own.  We are comfortable, yet cutting back on expenses, and paying off debt to allow for this move and for Robert to not have to be terribly concerned with finding a job for a little while.  It is ultimately his decision; however, he has decided to test out the long commute for a bit while continuing his job search.

That part is kind of confusing, I know.

On Monday, we found a sweet little apartment fifteen minutes from my office and put down a deposit.  It’s not our wee vintage apartment:

… but it is a step in a different, progressive direction for us.

Oh, did I mention it (the new apartment) has a dishwasher?

That’s right. We’re movin’ on up.

Also, we have a sun room which will house computers and crafts, so we can actually use the spare bedroom as a spare bedroom! So, you’re welcome to come visit.

Continue to pray that Robert finds a job and that we become comfy and cozy in our new corner of the world.  So much to learn about our new environment!

PS… If you happen to have a washer and dryer that you’d like to give/sell us, please let me know.  We are on the lookout! Also… anyone wanna help us move? Feb 26th-27th! You will be heavily rewarded with pizza, brownies, and my eternal gratitude.  Please?


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