Crunchy Chewy Sunflower Bread

This weekend in my little corner of Georgia, the weather was GORGEOUS! So of course… I spent my time in the kitchen.

After having glimpsed this loaf of joy (pun intended!) I was desperate to make it.  Nutty, crunchy, doughy bread is my weakness in every sense of the word.  Isn’t it yours?

On my weekly journey to the grocery store, I picked up a pack of sunflower seeds and a jug of buttermilk for this impending adventure… That’s right, buttermilk.

Here’s the thing about these ingredients:

No, they’re not the most fat-free, but they’re healthful.  And they’re real, fresh ingredients.  On a celestial level compared to all the extensive list of preservatives and sugars in store-bought bread.

Measure yourself out a little flour… whole wheat flour! Which is gorgeous, by the way.  Those rich brown specks just scream FIBER!

Take your whole wheat flour, your all-purpose flour, salt, sugar, baking soda and powder and whisk ’em all up so that they’re well incorporated.

In a separate bowl, combine all of your wet (and gooey) ingredients.  I used pure honey — cheap and simple, right from the bees.

And then you fold her gently, adding 3/4 of the sunflower seeds once you have an actualized piece of dough.  Gently! Don’t want to over work her. She is a lady, after all.

Use the remainder of the sunflower seeds to garnish — warning, they will be a pain in the bum later when trying to cut it, unless you put a little yolk on top to make ’em stick!

In the end, if you’re lucky (or just followed the directions), you’ll end up with two loaves of crunchy deliciousness to schmear salty butter or chunky marmalade all over.  Be careful not to puncture your loaf getting it out of the pan, like I did.

Still tasty.  Promise.



4 thoughts on “Crunchy Chewy Sunflower Bread

  1. Honey and sunflower seeds…interesting combination!
    Sounds awesome. I just hope mine looks as pretty if I get around to trying out this one. 🙂 How long did it take to cook?

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