Leftovers for Lunch

Most of my time in the morning is spent packing my little lunchbox full of well, lunch, and snacks to keep me from getting cranky during the workday.  Today, while chowing down on my leftover pasta, one of the gals commented on how difficult and expensive it is to eat healthy.

Now, up until a few years ago, I would have agreed one hundred percent. But I said, “Girl, no.  We spend no more than $50 a week on groceries, and we never buy anything pre-made.” Another one of the ladies said, “How!?”

I simply explained that we do about seventy-five percent meat-free meals and we buy fresh and frozen produce to fill our bellies, which end up being tons cheaper than the pre-cooked meals (not to mention a thousand times lower in sodium and free of preservatives!).

So, for you guys, I’m going to do this:

I’m going to write up our weekly “menu” and our grocery list, as well as the total from our grocery trips.  That way, I can hopefully convince you guys that you can eat just as cheap healthily! Who’s on board?


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