Adulthood Confessions: Part 1

This town has, oh, one place that delivers that’s not pizza-related.  Having take-out menus on the fridge makes me feel urban and hip.  Don’t judge.

Also, if your picture is on my ‘fridge, it means I see you every day (on the ‘fridge)… so, I’m going to need a reminder to send an email or make a phone call.

Even though it’s generic grape flavored crystal light… I still refer to it as “purple drank”.  And no, I don’t really know why there’s a packet of tabasco sauce there.

More gnomes than people live in this apartment.

We can’t afford much Starbucks at this stage in life, so most of the time, I bring my own tea bag and ask them to pour me some scorching hot water in their fancy cups.

What, you don’t?


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