Snow Days

No one tells you that snow days are completely different as a grown-up… ’cause, you still get to work!

I’ll admit, I was the most skeptical about this snow.  It was supposed to roll in on Saturday night… then Sunday at five… then Sunday at 8…when finally, around 10, the snow started falling.  In fact, it was falling so hard and so fast, that by the time I made it to the window, my car was covered in it! By morning, we had had a whole six inches.

You just don’t understand.

I live, not only in the south, but within The Weather Hellmouth of the south.

Here’s a lesson in Roman geography:

Like our sister city, Rome, Italy, Rome, Georgia has seven hills surrounding the majority of the population.  In addition to the fact that the south is just that, the south, and doesn’t get much snow, these hills hardly ever allow any inclement weather to get us. So believe you me.. this was a shock to us all. Especially doubting Thomas over here.

Anyhow, it was pretty obvious that there was no way in the world that I was going to drive my usual hour and a half to work and back… regardless of whether or not the folks in Chattanooga made it to the office.

Let me just say that “working from home” when you don’t really have that ability is not easy.  Nor fun.  Nor in any way enjoyable.  There’s a whole lot of telephone and emails and lack of access to documents and confusion. And I had my fare share yesterday.  Seriously, I had to ghetto my way into my work email and it only half worked.  By the time I “got off work” at five, I was in the worst of bad moods and pretty much spent the evening on the couch crying and eating our emergency stash of chocolate.

Phew! Fortunately, though, after dinner made by the mister and a heaping helping of Monk episodes, I fell fast asleep and woke up to a peaceful(so far) “work at home” day.  I’m going to miss this hardcore when the ice melts and the roads are safe again.


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