I am off this coming week from work, so I will be able to post more regularly… also, my kid sister got a beautiful T1i DSLR and I will definitely be testing it out!

For now… I want to tell y’all some of my favorite gifts… 🙂

Robert and I got this ice cream maker! We’re so excited.  We watch Iron Chef all the time and are fascinated by the endless ice cream possibilities that are available.  On the to-make list: butternut squash and apple sorbet.  No lie.

My first pair of jeggings, woo! I’ve been wanting some to wear with my birthday boots, and I finally got some from Santa, size 14 mind you! A big difference from size 26…


These beauties! I wore them all day today.. and I felt super powerful and sexy.  And sooo comfy. I had seen a pair that Miss Julie wore from BCBG, but they were a few seasons ago… and the only pair I could find were a size ten on eBay! These were as close as I could get, and I love them even more.

Yay! Second favorite Disney movie ever on Blu-ray.  So beautiful 🙂


This heavenly little Crosley record player with a few records to go with it (among them a Mariah Carey single LP LOLZ).. plays magically and looks too cute in our tiny vintage apartment.

Santa out-did himself, didn’t he?  There were many more great things that I received that I LOVE, but I won’t post them all for the sake of time.

I hope everyone had a wonderful, blessed, and merry Christmas!


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