I know there have been a lack of posts lately — and I definitely don’t feel bad about it.  I have been working super hard on my school work because…


And no, not just before Thanksgiving break.  Technically, the 29th is the last day of class, officially, but let’s face it, I’ve already written that day off in my mind.  I will be turning in a paper and taking a DBQ final that day, so it doesn’t count as class.  It counts as my last day ever.

Thank You, Lord.

I have a presentation tomorrow on my history thesis, a presentation next Tuesday for my business class (my one business class ever… I branched out a little), a paper due the 29th, and a portfolio of poems due on Dec. 1st.

Then, life as an undergrad as I know it will be over.  I hope.

In other news, Robert’s dad had some stints put in yesterday, and we are all thinking about and praying for him!

That’s him; isn’t he just adorable?

He’s doing great, though, as far as we’ve heard. 🙂

Have a great day, guys!


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