An Update on Life

I have got to admit, I have been slacking on all responsibilities this week… and it’s already Wednesday!?  I honestly had not even realized how far this week had gone on ahead of me.  Does that ever happen to you?

Monday I was having a fight with my sinuses.  The pressure kept me from even seeing, and fortunately my sweet husband was home from work that day.  He drove me to Kroger and we bought medicine and cookies to make me feel better… the cookies have, unfortunately, not been willing to leave our house unless eaten.  As you can guess, this has caused a problem.

I guess it’s getting to that part of my semester where I find it really hard to keep the engine on.  It’s like when you’re sitting in traffic and you feel like you’re seriously wasting some major gas, so you want to just shut off the engine and wait it out… but you can’t because so often the traffic inches just a tiny bit further, and your engine has to be turned on to keep up! And Lord help you if if is turned off, it takes all kinds of patience and effort to get it turned back on.

I think my engine got turned off somehow :-/

It might have even blown up.

In other news, I’m still waiting to hear back from my lengthy interview in Chattanooga; however, it is looking good.  The recruiter has remained in contact with me as a liaison for the department, and she says they are working on their end to compose an offer.  Everyone say a tiny prayer that the offer is good enough for me to accept it so that Robert and I can chug along in this adventure.

Are there times when you just really want to turn off your engine? And run out of the car in the opposite direction?


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