Gift from the Time gods

A friend of mine yesterday described the daylight savings time change as a ‘gift from the time gods’ and I CRACKED UP. Because, it’s totally true.  Yes, granted, they’re Indian-giving gods, and they take back their gift in the spring, but for the holidays — there’s nothing like an extra hour to snuggle in the bed.

Unless you’re like me.  I’m thankful for this extra hour because it allows me to more easily climb out of bed at an inhumane hour to get my life in order.  My favorite part of the day are those wee early morning hours where the whole world is asleep and I can sit to think and observe the world in its most peaceful state.  In addition, this bonus daylight savings hour comes during the fall, which makes those moments of contemplation even better because tiny thoughts of Christmas and holiday cheer squeeze their way in, woo!


For some reason, that picture came out unnaturally tiny.

But you get the point.

I must now go get ready for the day… and have my awesome bowl of oatmeal.


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