GA Voter

Robert and I drove around town all day yesterday to vote.

Seriously, we left the house around 2pm, and didn’t make it home until close to 5:40pm.

Why would it take so long, you ask? Well, here’s the story:

We first drove out to the Civic Center, which, is literally three minutes from our apartment.  I figured, this has to be our precinct.  Well.  We arrived and the sweet, adorable, yet ancient poll volunteers told Robert that since his old address was elsewhere, he would have to drive 25 minutes out to Armuchee high school.

They then took my driver’s license and could not find me in the system.  I explained that I’d recently gotten married and that perhaps I was registered as a voter under my old last name (ladies: no, just because you change your license AND social security number does not mean your voter registration has changed, come to find out). So… I took my license over to the tiny and really really old people sitting in the corner with the stack of papers as tall as myself.  About twenty minutes later, they realized that I needed to go elsewhere, too.

These were all of our stops for the day.

Granted, we also stopped at Wal-Mart, twice, once with intentions of getting out, but we realized Robert’s wedding band was missing (found), and the second time to actually go in and by a smorgasbord of things: an extension cord, a battery for my keyless entry button, some mechanical pencils, and some felt-tip pens. Maybe some other things, too, but that’s really all I can remember right now.

There may or may not have also been a stop at Steak and Shake for a dark chocolate milkshake to share. O.o

Alas, Robert and I simply cast our votes only to cancel each other out – hah! As if y’all are shocked… but that’s as far as I’ll go with political chat on this blog! 😉


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