Borrowed Recipes

I am sneaking in for a quick post while Robert shaves and showers.  I love days when we are both low on responsibilities; it happens so rarely that we try to savor it as much as possible.  Today, he has no classes or work, and I only had one this morning, so we’re spending the day getting the apartment situated and running a few errands… we did, admittedly, spend much of the morning on the couch stuffing our faces and watching Psych on Netflix.  And that was awesome.

I wanted to share with everyone my experience with “borrowing” Miss Jenna, over at Eat, Live, Run‘s chana masala recipe. She wrote out (and photographed) every step so perfectly that it was a total cinch, and the results were of the utmost deliciousness.  In fact, I ate it like, seven times last week.

I started out with my trusty onion goggles.

These things are amazing.  They have this foam that locks itself around your eyes and you have NO problems with onion-induced-blindness.  Robert bought them for me in Savannah while I was in Europe this summer as a surprise and I don’t chop any onions without them.

I threw them in my cast iron skillet on top of two tablespoons of butter (real butter, as Jenna commands!), and let them super duper caramelize.

We’re not done, but we smell delicious!

I added the tomato paste, then chopped up my jalapeno, ginger, and garlic and let them get crusty and delicious together.

After following the very specific instructions about waiting for the tomato paste to cook properly, I added my spices, diced tomatoes, and chickpeas and we had one delicious masala party. Oh, and don’t forget to squeeze that half lemon on top!

I toasted up some garlic naan from Greenlife to go with… yum! It was chewy and toasty at the same time, with those savory pockets of garlic and chives.  My pantry still smells of coriander of turmeric and sometimes I sneak it open just to smell it.  Is there anything else I can make stat with garam masala and its little buddies? ‘Cause it smells so good.

Everyone check out Jenna’s original, and the rest of her blog.  Thanks for an amazing recipe, and an amazing blog!


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