At my Desk

I love my desk.

It’s a huge wooden monster that I inherited from a professor at Shorter.  Actually.. it sat out in the hallway outside of his office for weeks, so I finally asked the department head if I could have it and she said to go wild, sorta.  My friend Kyler packed it up in his truck, and it’s been with me ever since!

I’ve been here all morning balancing the checkbook and writing checks, thank-you notes, and cover letters.  My life is glamorous, I know.  Soon, I’ll even be putting on a coat to go to CLASS for approximately 50 minutes.

Right now, I’m enjoying a mug of earl grey to keep myself warm while I wait for Robert to get home from class.

Notice the spools of excess ribbon and a pair of flip-flops.  It’s so big that I can have things like that on here and not even notice for months.  In fact, I just noticed those flip-flops myself.

And don’t you love my mug? I think it’s darling and very much diner-like.  We bought a box of dishes to use on a regular basis that weren’t the nicest, and these came in a box from Target for literally like, $12.00.  They’re my second favorite — very close behind the green vintage plates we inherited from Robert’s mom.

I think I’m going to go investigate the whereabouts of my husband and get some lunch ready before making my way up “the hill”.


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