Mmm, rain

Obviously, it’s a rainy day down here in Georgia.


I woke up to the lightning coming in through my curtains, and I knew that it was going to be a nice morning. I usually have mixed emotions about thunderstorms, due to the fact that I love them and all their coziness, but oftentimes I have to get up and go to work or class, which makes for a wet, cold, and very uncomfortable morning.  Fortunately, my morning class has been canceled, so I don’t have to be anywhere until 1pm!

This, of course, gives me time to start detoxing today.  I have been on a carb, sugar, and fat binge for the last week and my body is sorely angry at me for it, not to mention my complete lack of exercise and multivitamins, ouch. I was going to begin the day with a green monster, but alas, I was out of spinach.  I will eventually have to brave the storm for groceries, it seems. Instead, I concocted a nice little soy milk, blackberry, and strawberry smoothie that I’m hungrily spooning in.

For now, I must go shower… 🙂


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