Back to Life

I’m back!

Life is finally starting to get back to its regular ole’ self, and I love it.  I am now Mrs. Rader, ahem, and I love it!  The last two weeks leading up to the wedding were absolutely too hectic to get any blogging in; I had my mom here to visit, and the whole crew was working non-stop on wedding DIYs.  Then, of course, we took our fabulous honeymoon and now we’re back to the daily grind.

While I promise many amazing posts including wedding details, and possibly a few DIY posts, for now, I want to talk about autumn.

Everyone always has a favorite season or a favorite time of year, but I can’t really say that I do.  My favorite parts of the year are really the beginning of any season… for example, I love the beginning of summer when you start feeling the humidity down here in the south creeping in and the baby hairs on my neck curl despite its natural ability to remain straight.  In the case of autumn, or fall, which I really prefer, ’cause I’m down home like that, I love noticing the leaves changing, the decor, and the sudden appearance of apple baked goods on every corner.

Now, for most of the year, I don’t really give a rip about apples.  They taste great, but there are so many other fruits to pay attention to.  Frozen grapes in the summer, mangos, pineapples, canteloupe; summer definitely owns the fruit.  However, when it comes to combining fall and apples… it’s like magic.

I was buying some groceries yesterday and the only fruits available were these crazy apples.  I thought, “aw, man, no more awesome fruit?” But I quickly recovered upon remembering the wonders that come from apples: apple pie, apple crumble, cider, apple bars, and of course, APPLE FESTIVALS.

We down here in the south love festivals for just about anything, and when apple festival comes around in Ellijay, people from all over Georgia, Tennessee, Carolinas, and Alabama come to drink cider, smoothies, buy apple products, eat fried oreos, try on arts and crafts for size, and just have an overall good time.  I will provide more details after we go this year!

For now, though, I must commence cleaning the tiny apartment.  We have boxes galore from amazing gifts. 🙂


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