Back to School

Life has been so crazy!  The last three days have been filled to the brim with wedding stuff, and last night I had to cram in some back-to-school preparations.  I’ve had one whole class today *YAWN* and Robert and I started the day by watching the BRING IT video from the P90X pack, and watching the Core Synergistics video (or the first half, anyway) to see what we’re getting ourselves into.  We’re stepping in slowly, which all of the message boards suggest, and we are definitely in agreement. We’re going to step into one tomorrow, and then on Saturday we’re going to perform each other’s Fit tests.

PLEASE, if you’re of the prayin’ kind, pray for us (and me, specifically).  School is going to be a challenge this fall… I am in charge of so much, and I’m nervous about a certain history minor that may or may not happen; it is dependent upon one class. So, we’ll see.

Also, Robert starts school on September 28th.  I am so extremely proud of him, but I know it’s going to be super challenging for both of us to be working and going to school.

I promise a real post later!


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