Dun dun da dun

I pretty much can’t wait to do the blog post on my wedding — after all is said and done.  I’m currently working on the programs, and they are just too cute for words.  Very simple, just like I want.  Let’s face it, those programs are gonna end up in the trash, except for maybe a handful, so there’s no sense in making them five pages long, with extra expensive ribbon, and hiring out half of the Atlanta graphic designers, right? Right.

Nonetheless, they’re adorable.  Next, I’ll be working on the indication cards (food, drinks, etc).

I had a plain ole’ bowl of multigrain cheerios yesterday for breakfast.  I was way too busy to even consider making myself anything else.  Satisfied me for a while.

Lunch was yummmyyy.  I put some more of my TJs hummus on an Arnold’s bun, with a slice of a big, fat organic tomato with some spinach & hot sauce and gobbled that up.  I was still a little hungry after, so I ate a fourth of one of those giant peaches.

Yesterday’s snack was my favorite deliciousness.  Banana + grape nuts + cinnamon + TJs natural, crunchy PB.  YUM. I got that tiny nagging feeling around 3:15 and was like, wahhhh, I don’t wanna go to the gym.  So I promised myself: awesome snack = hard workout.  So, for the sake of the PB&B, I worked my little tush off.

Dinner was a breakfast adventure! One of my all-time favorite food blogs is smitten kitchen, and my favorite recipe (which I’ve replicated several times now) is her breakfast pizza.  So delicious.

In the extremely hot oven on top of the pizza stone… it’s really hard maneuvering it from the pizza peel to the stone, so I always end up with a little bit of the cheese on the stone… but it still works perfectly! And the eggs always cook up beautifully.

Not the most professional photo, but you see all of the deliciousness just the same.  Topped with crunchy green onions after it comes out of the oven.  I didn’t make my own dough this time as she directs, I had some that I had bought from TJs.  I have made my own before, and I just love her recipe so much — but I wanted to try TJs.

Sorry this is a bit rushed, but I’m got MUCH to do today!


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