1 Month Away!

As most of you know, I’m getting married next month… in one month exactly! It’s getting pretty hectic… especially since school starts back on Monday.  But, I’ll make it!

I’ve been trying to do my strength training pretty regularly, and I can tell (once again) that it’s working!  We’re still waiting on the mail to bring us our P90X, so we can start on that asaply! In the mean time, I’m sticking to my intense little routine at the gym.

Confession: I love the gym.  When I’m there, I feel like such an empowered woman.  I feel like my body is thanking me the whole time, and like every pain, burn, and ache I feel is for a purpose… however, I hate it like, three minutes before I get there.  I an internally nagging myself as I’m getting dressed, as I’m driving there, and as I’m walking in.  I’m thinking “I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna”.  And as I’m doing that final rep, where I can’t even lift the weight anymore — like, seriously, my arms won’t move another centimeter— I remind myself of the curves of my muscles in my arms and legs that I notice in the mirror when I wear dresses or tank tops.  Not to mention, when I lift things out of the car or around the apartment with ease. So, deep down, I love you, exercise.  I really do.

I’ve been eating a lot of this for breakfast:

My yummy, cinnamon-y oats with 2% milk.  That’s something I’ll never be able to switch when it comes to hot and cold cereal: milk.  I’ve tried Silk and nonfat, but when it comes to cereal, the flavor just throws me off.  I love those, I drink them in other things, but I can’t do it with my cereal. If you work out enough, it doesn’t matter — and it adds good proteins! I also have millions of oats that need to be eaten, and it’s been raining like crazy around here lately.

I also found some of the largest and sweetest peaches ever last weekend, so I decided to eat a whole one for lunch, along with a black bean burger and an arnold’s bun.  I started getting too full, so I took the top half of the bun off and threw it in the trash.  I also dripped some of the amazing hot sauce from Moe’s on top.  Sidenote: We had eaten Moe’s the night before, and Robert got the hot sauce, which neither of us had ever tried, and it was delicious! But sooo spicy.

I had session one of Periscope training from 1 to 5, so I decided I would definitely need a snack.  I packed up some of the TJs crunchy peanut butter and a banana and it was heavenly.

I must share with everyone what Robert and I picked up at Greenlife yesterday on our way back to Rome after my surgeons’ appointment (which I will update everyone on!).

These are two of my favorites things from Greenlife: the rare roast beef wrap, and the sundried tomato and mozzarella pasta salad.  Yummmm.  I dream of this meal sometimes.  The rare roast beef is almost just like the carpaccio that I miss so much from the Dominican Republic, and the sun-dried tomatoes were perfectly tangy.

In other news, our engagement photos got re-scheduled… again.  Surprise, surprise.  I pray to the heavens that we finally get to have them taken on Sunday.  I was initially pretty irked, but, I counted my blessings and decided that it was God allowing this giant zit to heal so that it would not be participating in the photo session:

Don’t act like you don’t see it, either.

Fortunately, despite the zit, that’s a pretty decent picture.

Today I’m putting a big fat dent into my cleaning and my wedding to-do lists so that I can get that out of the way before the semester starts.  I have keys to replicate, banks to visit, checks to mail, floors to mop, phone calls to make, a million and one things to buy, buntings to sew, websites to build, and the list continues from there.  But, I definitely definitely love it.


3 thoughts on “1 Month Away!

  1. This is just a general observation and I am sure it does not apply to you specifically but…I find it amazing of how much time, money and effort people put planning their wedding, but how little time they put toward planning their marriage. I have only been married for a little while now(a bit more then over 20 years) so I am no expert at this, but the way I see it a wadding is a fun day, a good party. A marriage is for the rest of your life (and that a good thing!).
    So my piece of unsolicited advice is…
    Have a fun, enjoy it and I wish you guys good luck with your wedding day and keep working on your marriage. I know that the word “working” is an uncool word right now, but if you don’t believe me we should talk again in about 7,304 days or twenty years from now. You are about to embark the most amazing journey of your life. Have fun!


    Don’t listen to old married people, they know nothing. Make your one way!

    • Oh, I absolutely agree! I think we’ve spent more time working on the marriage, honestly. I will probably talk a lot about it in the next few weeks because it’s only a month away, but we actually go to pre-marital counseling retreats — the next one of which is the 27th! My hubby-to-be works for the marriage counseling retreat, so he listens to them all day long and I get a dose and a half every once in a while, which we, of course, take home with us. I definitely agree, and appreciate the kind advice!

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