A very delicious Friday the 13th

Hello, world!

Yesterday was tons-o-fun.  I told you, Friday the 13th is always a good day (even though we didn’t get to watch the movie).  Not to mention it was a day of deliciousness.

I’d been itching to try out the new cookware, so I pulled out the tiny skillet yesterday morning and poured myself a little bit of egg whites to cook up.  Mmmm.  Look at that beautiful egg white footage! Also, that gorgeous, sturdy, and fantastic cookware.  Thank you, KitchenAid, for all of your glory and all that you do for the world.  Including this very skillet.

While that was cooking through, I toasted a TJs multigrain bun and doused it in hot sauce.  Gah, I love hot sauce.  This is Texas Pete, to be exact, but I’ll pretty much deal with any kind.

I also baked a Morningstar veggie sausage patty and put it all together for the most amazing breakfast sandwich ever.  This and my banana + peanut butter concoction are probably my two most favorite combinations in the universe.  I love the extra crunchiness of the veggie sausage.. reminds me that it’s not fat and grease like regular sausage!

After I came down from my breakfast la-la land, the bearded mister and I got ready to go get out marriage license! Woohoo! We were so excited to sign ourselves over, myself more specifically as ‘Nicole Gabriella Rader’.

Our license to kill wed.

I was too excited to go back home after (to cook lunch) so Robert suggested the new organic burger place downtown, Greener Burger.

People, it’s like they already knew me.  This was sitting there waiting at my table to be used.  How sweet.

It was delicious.  I got the regular ole’ burger + side that was on the lunch menu (so did Robert) and I got sweet potato wedges as my side.  We will get to that in a minute O.o… However, the burger was delicious.  The bread was too big and not very toasty, so I nudged it out of the way, but I ate as much of the patty as I could totally plain and it was a beautiful thing.  Perfect, grass-fed cow all cooked up and ready for my belly.  Such good flavor, too.  And that tomato and onion were home grown and amazingly crunchy and filled with the essence of summertime. But, we have to get to the important part of my meal…

Those sweet potato wedges.  I drizzled a tiny spot or two of hot sauce (just to appease the inner me) but there was no need whatsoever for that.  They were perfect. Sea salt and pepper, perfectly crunchy on the outside, with that gushy mushy mashed sweet potato interior.  I seriously talked about them for like, thirty minutes after the meal, and then I keep dreaming of them all the rest of the day.

I’m telling y’all, yesterday was like, Food Fest 2010.

Zad’s birthday was yesterday, as well, so he picked to eat at the Country Gentleman, here in town.  Now, the Country Gentleman is a diamond in the rough.  It’s a little more expensive than your traditional Roman fare, but it’s worth it.  They have delicious fish always on the menu, the world’s largest and juiciest chopped steak, and veal. Such tender, tangy, delicious veal.  Sorry it’s not photographed, but it was pretty dark in the restaurant (ya know, atmosphere and such). But it was coated with mushrooms and red wine, and it was beautiful.

I ordered some fresh summer veggies as my side, mostly because I knew I wouldn’t eat hardly any, and they were something I could easily take home and heat up.  Besides, Lauren got a plate of sauteed mushrooms with her steak, which she doesn’t eat, and I most definitely do. Probably the best mushrooms I’ve had in a long time.

It’s almost like they were going to blacken them, but decided against it, leaving them with a semi-crunchy seasonings, but that delicious meatiness all the same.  Yummm.  I’m making myself hungry just talking about it.

But let’s just get down to the piece de resistance of the day.

My Sweet CeCe’s fro-yo.

Now, I love fro-yo.  Yogen-Fruz, mostly, but I’m open to any suggestions.  Alas, small town life = small town palate more often than not… meaning, no fro-yo in this town.  Fortunately, my dad lives in Chatt-town, a very up-and-coming small city and this little gem is located in Northshore.  After picking my sister up last night, we stopped and I filled my bowl up (too much, needless to say) with plain ole’ tart, sugar-free vanilla, and a tiny dollop of peanut butter… then covered that baby with granola, blackberries, and raspberries.

Words can’t describe.  So I’m not even gonna try.  Just admire it and try to feel what I felt eating that.

All in all, a great day.

Tomorrow we have a shower being thrown for us by some awesome family friends, and then we’re finally having our engagement pictures taken! So excited!


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