Good eats

People.  My life needs a rest.. and I haven’t even started back to school yet!

I wish I could express in words or in pictures the amount of stuff I have to do before school starts and before the wedding, but I’m not that technologically inclined.  So, for now, empathize out of the kindness of your hearts by faith.

First example, the giant roll of burlap sitting in front of our hall closet:

Standing upright, it’s taller than me.  Now, cirmcumference-wise…

I’ve still got it beat.

Foodwise, I’ll start a few days back.  Yesterday was ridiculous — in fact, I needed a break so bad that I played the Sims 3 World Adventures for like, 5 hours, and then I read Rebecca for another hour.  I needed some major mind and stress purging.

We had marinaded this chicken on Sunday to have for dinner, but that was when my Firehouse Subs craving kicked in, so we saved it for Monday night.  This is probably my favorite marinade because it makes it taste like it came from a steakhouse, legit.

Robert had his with some wild rice and a salad, while I sauteed up some bunched spinach with garlic salt, hot sauce and threw a little parm on top.  I also toasted a piece of sunflower seed bread and dabbed it with butter.  Bread and butter?? I know.  I needed it, though.  And it was country crock, so not real butter.

Wednesday’s breakfast was my bruised up banana, some plain yogurt, and some granola.  Yummm.  I definitely missed the peanut butter, though.

I can’t even begin to express the failure that was my tempeh trial.  I tried, y’all.  I marinated it with some worcestershire or however the eff you spell that sauce for 30 minutes and then baked it… but evidently, I needed to bathe it in the marinade, and THEN bake it.  ‘Cause it tasted like nothing, basically.  I was too hungry for that nonsense.  Fortunately, I have another pack in the fridge, and I will make a second attempt someday soon.  Instead, I heated up one of the goat cheese and spinach burgers and put it between an arnold’s bun with a juicy slice of a TJs tomato with some greens.  See, I’m giving these tomatoes a chance!

And guys, I was so proud on Wednesday night when I made dinner because I decided to bust out my new Le Creuset baking dish to broil the tilapia in.

Ta-da! Sorry there are no clean “before” pictures.  Just lemony goodness from the fish.

I threw some garlic, lemon juice, a teeny tiny tablespoon of butter, and some fresh parsley on top of the tilapia, and broiled it for about 30 minutes.  Flakey deliciousness emerged.  I also threw a bag of steamfresh veggies (potatoes + green beans) into the microwave.  I try to live by the 1/4, 1/4 and 1/2 rule — that night it was more like 1/3, 1/3, and 1/3.  Robert’s list of “likes” in the veggie department is limited… as is mine, really.

All in all, it’s been good eats this week in our household.

In fabulous news — I bought P90X. Robert promised to get up every morning and do it with me, even on his early days.  And I’m going to inspect the nutrition guide to see what’s up… cause I’m a dietary snob when it comes to that kind of stuff. I’m a little too excited.  I’m also one of those fools who thinks she’s going to the gym in addition to working out in the mornings. We’ll see, right?  I know a couple of couples at church that do it regularly, but has anyone else tried it? I felt like my workout at the gym needed a step up.

Happy Friday the 13th!


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