Sweet potatoes!

Sorry about missing yesterday, folks.. but it was a crazy day!

After my tiny breakfast of a peach (not my photo) I was running around all over Chattanooga — and the day before yesterday was just as hectic!

I stayed the night at my dad’s on Monday night so that I could get up and be at the surgeon’s office at 9:30am. I can fortunately report that it was a more successful venture than the dermatologist, however, not as much so as I would have hoped. Dr. Valle was not happy with the wound care instructions that the derm had given me, so he ripped off (yeeeshh) the steri-strips and scrubbed (gulp) down my wound and patched it up in a 4×4.  He’s going to see me again next Tuesday so that he can continue to check on the wound (something the derm didn’t do, which steamed Dr. Valle s’more) and that he would decide his next step once this one was fully healed, and definitely not until after the wedding.

Robert put it perfectly last night: I get upset quickly with the doctors because when they look at the HS, they don’t think “Aha!” they think, “Oh, crap, I read about this in med school, but I never thought anyone actually had it.” Well, surprise!

So, we’ll keep praying.

Then, Lily and I ran all over Chattanooga looking for a school bag and clothes hangers, and then stopped into her school for a loooonnnggg nice tour of the place.  She started her junior year this morning 🙂

I drove the hour and a half drive home, cooked up these babies:

(not my photo) Goat cheese and spinach turkey burgers.

For myself and Robert.  They were quite tasty… But I think next time I’ll play around with some spices, because the recipe simply called for turkey, spinach and goat cheese.  I added some hot sauce last night, but it still needed something more.  Even Robert liked them, which I was surprised to hear, considering they had a very strong spinach flavor. We ate those up with some sweet potato fries, then nestled ourselves in to read chapters 10-13 of Genesis, and chapters 3-5 of The Giver, 😛 We’re kids at heart.


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