Market Day

Ughhh I just ate breakfast and I’m about to pop.  I often forget how filling oats really are, especially on a tiny stapled stomach.


Yesterday was so nice. Robert and I woke up around 9ish, and rolled out of bed to have breakfast and be our nerdy selves for a few minutes.  I wish y’all could see us in the morning.  Our desk chairs are back-to-back, so he sits at his and he reads his twitter, facebook, and then usually proceeds to log onto WoW for a few minutes, while I check my e-mail, my various social networking sites, and then blog. And we just sit… and every once in a while he’ll “stretch” and lean back to ruffle my hair.

Breakfast was simple… a little too simple… I think it really left me aching for more, because only an hour later I was desperate for something to eat.  I just had a small bowl of Multi-grain cheerios with a handful of granola and some cold milk.  Those cheerios, man, they’re good, but they mock my hunger in times of need.

We drove down to Atlanta to get a few grocery stops in — first, being Harry’s!

Harry’s has always been one of my favorite places.  I have very vivid memories of being taken there as a child, by both my mom and my grandmother.  I remember distinctly once — I had been maybe seven or eight, and my grandmother was with me… and she desperately needed to find the restroom.  Well, she found it, and we rushed into the handicap stall so I could hang out in there with her… and I started peeking through the cracks in the door and noticed some men relieving themselves on what appeared to be the wall.  Well, I said to my grandma, “Is this a boys and girls bathroom?” and the look on Grandma’s face said it all.  It was not for both.  We merely possessed the wrong anatomy for the one we’d chosen.  Needless to say, Grandma made me wait until the bathroom was empty for us to make our escape.

After buying out half of Harry’s due to extreme hunger, we finally ate at a ChickFilA around 2:30PM. Way late for my belly.  I had half a spicy chicken sandwich – Robert convinced me to go for the deluxe with lettuce, tomato and CHEESE (I know, right? On the ChickFilA sandwich??) and it was delicious.  Of course, too much fried chicken and I’m dying on the floor, so I gave him the rest.

We made another pit-stop at Trader Joe’s, which was just as amazing as ever… and then made our trek back home.

At Harry’s, I’d packed up a box of two kinds of salads – one, this one, a portobello and sundried tomato pasta salad, all kinds of yum, and the other tabbouleh, which I’m saving for tonight. Obviously, this (and a peach) were my dinner last night as we watched Inglourious Basterds.

I hope to get some rest today… and maybe some cleaning done! Kind of a strange combination, right?


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