Eloise in Action

Last weekend I decided I was going to give Eloise her inaugural adventure.  What’s the easiest thing to make that Kitchenaid mixers are commonly used for? Meringue, duh.  Of course, nothing screams summer more loudly than lemon meringue pie. Yum.

I followed this recipe to a tea (or is it tee?) and it was like heaven in my (and everyone else who tried it) mouth.

Although I didn’t photograph it, the innards turned out perfect.  They were that awesome combination of thick, gooey, almost custardy deliciousness.. with that mouth-puckering tartness that all good lemony things should have. I definitely could have just eaten that and the pie crust by itself.


This was too good to exclude.  Eloise made this beautiful meringue all by her lonesome (okay, so maybe I was spooning in the sugar bit by bit) and it formed those gorgeous stiff peaks.  IT’S SO FLUFFY!

Plopped all of that cloud-like goodness on top of the pie and baked it for about 10 minutes to let the meringue golden.

And voila!

I really wish I’d gotten a picture of it sliced, but, I’m telling you folks, it didn’t last that long.  It was like I blinked and it disappeared. Seriously.

I let it chill for a little while, which helped keep its shape better when cut.

Proud as a peacock.


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